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Born and raised in the Pacific Northwest, Pyum has always had a love for music. He started his musical career working for PileDriving Records at 21, learning both the business and production side of the industry as an audio engineer and producer.


After a couple year run with PileDriving Records, he finished his Bachelors Degree and left the industry. Pyum continued to record music for artists, friends, and himself; always finding ways to get back to music.


With his passion for music, Pyum started to DJ at home. After being asked about DJing weddings for years, he decided to DJ a friends wedding. Loving the energy he felt from his friends and family, Pyum decided to purchase the necessary equipment to start his own DJ Business.


Being an event DJ since 2016, Pyum has experience DJing Weddings, Corporate Events, School Dances, Oktoberfest, Car Shows, Clubs, High School Reunions, Public and Private Parties.


During his 20 year professional career in the Music Production Industry,  Pyum has also had many opportunities to collaborate and produce with Dance Teams and Studios, Radio Commercials, Music Producers and Recording Artists.

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